How can I become a member

All health professionals with an interest in medical complications of pregnancy are welcome to become a member of the GÉMOQ. Current members include specialists in internal medicine and other medical specialties, family medicine, obstetrics and gynecology, MFM, anesthesia as well as pharmacists, midwifes, and nurses. An annual membership fee will give access to:

  1. Special rates for annual conferences
  2. Invitations to other continuing medical education activities (webconferences)
  3. Access to the members section of the website which contains several ressources including :
  • Useful publications (mostly in English)
  • Guidelines
  • Expert presentations
  • Summaries of the Sainte Justine Obstetric Medicine Journal Club
  • Case summaries in the registry of rare conditions in pregnancy
  • Clinical protocoles from various tertiary centers
  • Links to other websites

PLEASE NOTE that much of the content is in French but most of the publications are in English.


For more information,  please contact Caroline Marier

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